Diving Äventyrsgruvan


Here are instructions for booking an event: Booking instructions

Here is a video on how to book an event:


  • In account settings you are able to change your information.
  • BOOK is a direct link to the calendar.
  • My events is where you see all the events you have booked.
  • Show all events is where you can see all events in a list.
  • In Membership you can see your membership details and upgrade to the paying membership.
  • The free membership allows you to have access to your account and book events.
  • With payed membership you can dive as much as you want for one year. The cost of this is 2500kr.

Here is instructions for how to create an event from your account: Instructions – Create event

Here is a video on how to create an event from your account:

To sign up as divesite manager on an event you go to SHOW ALL EVENTS. On every event there is a green button, click it to sign up. The button becomes red when you are signed up and you just click it again to sign off. To see all events you are divesite manager on, just go to MY EVENTS.

Here are a video on how you sign up as divesite manager on an event:

To change your information you go to Account settings. And at the far right you have a pen. Click on the pen and change the information you want to change and click on UPDATE to save.


If you have any problems with paying for an event or memebrship, go to Chat with us in the middle of the right side of the screen and choose the question “I have problems with payment” and the support staff will get back to you.

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