How does it work?

Äventyrsgruvan (Adventure Mine) is offering the possibility to dive in a unique underground environment and a lot of work has been put into making your visit a effortless and amazing experience. Here’s everything you need to know before signing up for the adventure of your life.



Start by creating a personal account at REGISTER AS DIVER Use your account to book your attendance at any available diving event. Upfront online payment is required for the number of days you are expected to dive, but gas and accommodation can be paid either by cash (SEK, EUR) or credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD) at location.



Äventyrsgruvan is offering accommodation with basic hostel standard in the old village school some five minute drive from the mine, including access to kitchen, showers and sauna. There are beds and mattrdresses that you can use but bring your own sleepingbag and linens. The school is always booked for you when there is diving in the mine. If you arrive the day before diving, please let us know so that the school is open when you arrive. Would you like more comfortable sleeping arrangements, the nearby towns of Ludvika and Borlänge are just a 20 minute drive away.



Diving is taking place on the set dates for the event between 09:00 and 18:00, local time. All gear his hauled up and down the shaft to and from the 80m level using an robust and genuine mine winding engine. The system is not approved for personnel transport so human transportation is conducted using the almost 110m long wooden stairway. The use of a helmet is required at all times during the stay in the mine, and a basic helmet can be borrowed from the mine without additional cost should you not be able to bring your own. Both air- and water temperatures are very stable in the mine and can be expected to vary between 4 and 5 degrees Celsius. In close approximation to the diving platform there is a heated room with basic equipment for heating food and water such as a microwave and water boiler. However there is no food or drink available in the mine as you are expected to bring your own nourishments.



Gas can be filled at location using a state of the art inline filling system. We offer both oxygen and helium for breathing gas mixes as well as argon for suit inflation cylinders. However we are currently not offering gas filling using a booster. The standard banked gas for diving is EAN30 as the majority of the dives are performed at a maximum depth of 36m. Dives below the 36m level are permitted for qualifying divers but dives below 55m requires explicit permission from the dive board and manager.



Up to date prices, rules and regulations can be found on PRICES