Rules collaboration is a collaboration between the big mine diving sites in Sweden; Agruvan, Långban, Nordmarksberg, Sala Silvermine and Tuna- Hästberg.
The collaboration was initiated a couple of years ago and has already in the past agreed on a more common way of handling local diving regulations.
During May and June, the mines have taken another step by changing the wording of all the fundamental diving regulations, in order to use the same definition in all the mines being part of the collaboration. The purpose of making these changes is to have diving regulations that are more clear and easier to understand, especially for divers visiting multiple mines. The mines are different and have a need for some regulations to be very site specific, i.e. some regulations will continue to be different also in the future.
One such example is the usage of site specific experience ladders that are tailored to the environment of each specific site. However, most of the core regulations are now identical.
Starting today, the following diving regulations are valid in A-gruvan, Långban, Nordmarksberg, Sala Silvermine and Tuna-Hästberg.

Rules for diving Äventysgruvan




Course dives with a fully certified cave instructor

NO course dives unless the instructor has been granted permission IN ADVANCE

ALL the above rules apply to EVERYONE at ANY given time. There will be NO exception to the rules.

Breaking the rules can result in a permanent ban from diving in Äventyrsgruvan.


Deep Diving

Permission to dive OC below 50m will ONLY be given to those that:

Permission to dive CCR below 50m will ONLY be given to those that:

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